Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet Raggie...and new house!

Well we are finally here. Sadly packing and moving and saying goodbye to our little home in Holland Park West where so many great memories were created. I was doing well, until I saw the new owners taking pictures of the SOLD sign out the front. The tears flowed a little. But all for good and I was excited to be making a new home for us.
Two months on now and I can call this place our home, but it took some time. The freedom that came with selling and finalising some debts is always foremost in my mind and reminds when I am feeling a sadness that we do not own a house anymore. It is still there, but I am hopeful of our future and the sense of peace I have as we move forward. Maybe we will buy again, maybe we won't, but what is more important is that we are good stewards of all God has given us and teach our boys the same. We never stop learning, do we?

One thing Joey was waiting for in the moving was picking up his new doberman puppy. Raggie, or Ragstar as we affectionately call him. He is four months old and a very energetic, get into everything puppy. I have only just successfully trained him NOT to pull clothes off the line! Sadly him and Lucy are not getting on! Oh well, she has become more of an inside cat anyway, still very adored by the boys.

Two of my favourite things about this house is my kitchen, it is open and airy and opens onto the deck with a lovely view and is old and retroy and it finds me cooking and lingering a little longer than I used to, so we have been having some yummy things lately. Also the backyard is perfect with two trees placed just right for our hammock. I find the boys outside a lot more and I don't miss the concrete jungle of the other house! Just green and sunshine and fruit trees and flowers. God is good.

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